Ken works most Fridays and Saturdays at Narangba, although he also fills in when one of the other vets are away.

His 35 years as a veterinarian has given him a wide range of animal experience but cattle dogs still remain a favourite.

Formerly cofounder and partner of both Morayfield and Narangba clinics, Ken’s heart surgery in 2004 saw a change in work directions that now allows more time for travel and relaxation.

Ken’s focus these days is in helping maintaining the quality of life for the animals he is fortunate enough to work with. Understanding how important our patients are to the overall well being of our customers and their families, and working in a positive and friendly way to achieve good outcomes, gives him great satisfaction. Seeing happy patients enjoying coming to the veterinary clinic means we are all doing our job. Seeing them enjoy us helping them makes us all sleep better at night.

While this is not possible in every case its what 35 years of veterinary work makes me aspire to.

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